CAN-ASC-5.1 Standard on Emergency Measures: Public Review Draft – 1. Scope

Table of contents for section 1

This document provides technical requirements and recommendations on how to create accessible emergency measures for people in vulnerable situations, with a focus on persons with disabilities. It covers the following topics:

  1. general considerations for emergency management program development;
  2. general considerations for people with disabilities and people who may be vulnerable in emergency situations;
  3. pre-incident emergency planning and emergency plans;
  4. hazard identification and risk assessment of hazards, as well as hazard prevention and mitigation;
  5. incident management and post-incident recovery;
  6. public warning systems;
  7. public information and communication; and
  8. program monitoring and review.

This Standard is intended for use by federal organizations and federally regulated employers to support the development of emergency measures that take an inclusive and accessible approach.

This Standard will also provide comprehensive guidance to other organizations and stakeholders interested in the development of accessible emergency plans, including community groups, non-governmental organizations, industry, researchers, other government agencies and businesses.