CAN-ASC-5.1 Standard on Emergency Measures: Public Review Draft – 10. Monitoring and review

Table of contents section 10

The organization shall establish monitoring processes for the emergency management program and conduct reviews at planned intervals to evaluate the performance of the program against objectives, targets, and emergency plans.

The organization should ensure that the program review includes the results of any after action review reports and assessment of opportunities for improvement and the need for changes to the program (see Section 8.2.6)

As part of the monitoring process, the organization should build relationships and provide opportunities for meaningful involvement and feedback from stakeholders, in particular, from persons with disabilities, and vulnerable persons and their caregivers or care providers or representatives, as well as other stakeholder organizations involved in accessibility issues or community resilience.

During the review process, the organization should identify any training and education needs of those who might work with persons with disabilities and vulnerable persons during incidents to refresh their knowledge and skills.

Review reports should be documented and maintained, in accordance with the organization’s record retention policy.