The journey of an accessibility standard


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The journey of an accessibility standard

1. Identify priority

Identify which areas are most important to Canadians for improving accessibility.

2. Technical committee

Establish a technical committee of 12 to 18 members with lived and professional experience. This group will develop the standard.

3. Research

The committee identifies where persons with disabilities face barriers related to its priority. A draft standard is prepared.

4. Public feedback

Share the draft standard online. Canadians have 60 days to provide feedback.

5. Review

The committee reviews the standard based on public feedback.

6. Publish

Publish a final version of the standard online. The standard is now available for public use.

7. Recommend

Submit the standard to the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion for adoption into regulation.

8. Adopt

The Minister considers making the standard mandatory by adopting it into regulation. Standards can only be enforced if they become regulation.