Technical committee on employment


The technical committee’s role is to:

  • identify where persons with disabilities may face barriers to employment
  • develop a national standard or standards that will try to remove or prevent these barriers

This standard or standards will apply to all private and public sector organizations in the federally regulated sector.

Compensation for individual members

We are adopting Canadian and international practices to develop accessibility standards. We will recruit experts from various backgrounds. These are volunteer roles as most members will represent organizations. If an individual with a disability is not paid by an organization, we will compensate them for their role as an expert on a technical committee.

Travel directive

If members need to travel, Accessibility Standards Canada covers expenditures, as per the Government of Canada travel directive.

Areas of focus

A few areas where persons with disabilities may face barriers to employment include:

  • information and awareness about available accommodations and training
  • finding and keeping a job
  • seeking workplace accommodations
  • career and job development

Committee members

Find below our technical committee members, title, and organization, grouped by stakeholder category. 

Chairperson and Vice Chairperson

Chairperson: Dr Mahadeo Sukhai (full information: name number 2 below) 
Vice Chairperson: Mr Andrew Livingston (full information: name number 5 below) 

Academic and research bodies

1. Dr Emile Tompa, Senior Scientist for the Population/ Workforce Studies Program of the Institute for Work & Health (IWH)
2. Dr Mahadeo Sukhai (Chairperson), Director of Research and Chief Inclusion and Accessibility Officer of the CNIB 

Consumer and public interest

3. Ms Norma McCormick, founder and principal, Corporate Health Works, Inc.

4. Mme Monique Beaudoin, semi-retired self-employed consultant
5. Mr Andrew Livingston (Vice Chairperson), CEO, Dexterity Consulting

Government and authorities having jurisdiction

6. Dr Pamela Lahey, Senior Policy Analyst, Accessible Canada Directorate, Employment and Social Development Canada
7. Mr Glen Hayes, Senior HR Advisor, Treasury Board Secretariat
8. Ms Kelsey Baker, Human Resources Administrator, Halifax Port Authority

9. Ms Christine Lund, Policy and Program Analyst,  Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)

Industry and commerce

10.    Mr Steven Lewis, Manager, Legal Counsel and Accessibility Lead, Capital One Bank (Canada)
11.    Ms Jamie Burton, CEO, INNoVA
12.    Rachel Desjourdy, Accessibility Lead, Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Labour and Unions

13.    Ms Seema Lamba, National Human Rights Officer, Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)
14.    Emmanuelle Lopez-Bastos, Human Rights, Equity and Diversity Co-ordinator, United Food and Commercial Workers union 

Non-governmental Organizations

15.    Wendy Lau, CEO, Leads employment services
16.    Mr Gary Malkowski, Director, Deaf Culture Centre, Sign Language Institute Canada
17.    Mr Don Gallant, National Director, Ready Willing and Able (RWA), Inclusion Canada (formerly CACL)
18.    Mr Mark Wafer, CEO, Abilities Centre

Terms of reference

Terms of reference

Notice of intent

Notice of intent