Philip Rizcallah


Chief Executive Officer of Accessibility Standards Canada

Philip Rizcallah has worked within the federal government for thirty two years. After starting his career with the Federal Fire Commissionaires Office and Public Works Government Services Canada, he worked 20 years leading research and technical teams. First as Resource Director at the Building Regulations National Codes Unit. Later, he became a Program Director for Construction at the National Research Council of Canada. He was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer for Accessibility Standards Canada in 2019.

Mr. Rizcallah is well-known for his ability to effectively and efficiently manage programs with collaborative multidisciplinary teams. He has built and led teams to execute strategic project proposals with a variety of focuses, including: 

  • accessibility
  • climate change
  • energy efficiency
  • fire safety
  • wood construction, and more.

In each of these projects, he developed and leveraged client relationships with many strategic government and construction industry partners.

He was a key player of both the Regulatory Reconciliation Cooperation Table (RCT) and federal representative of the Federal Provincial Territorial Working Group. There, he worked to align National Construction Codes in the country. He introduced freely accessible codes and contributed to the development of the ongoing RCT Agreement. These are key in harmonizing codes and accessibility requirements across Canada.

Mr. Rizcallah is a registered Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Technical University of Nova Scotia) and a Bachelor of Science, Honours Mathematics (Dalhousie University).

Contact information

320 Saint-Joseph Blvd.,

Suite 246,

Gatineau QC,

K1A 0H3

Telephone: 613-552-0394

TTY: 1-833-854-7630