Accessibility Standards Canada offices: a model of accessibility

Accessibility Standards Canada’s office was built to be the most accessible workplace possible. We want to set the standard for fully accessible office spaces that accommodate the needs of their employees, including people with disabilities.

In August 2022, our organization had the unique opportunity to welcome employees into a new accessible office. Leading by example, our workplace applies universal design principles and many accessibility features.

On this page, find two ways to virtually explore our offices and learn more:

  1. Take a tour in 3D - this tour includes sign language interpretation.
  2. Watch a video that shows all the accessibility features.

We encourage everyone to consider implementing these features to make their offices as accessible as possible. As for us, we are always looking at pushing the boundaries on what it means to be truly accessible.

Explore our office

Take a tour in 3D!

Click here to take a virtual tour of our offices in 3D.

Do you communicate in sign language? During the tour, you will discover that some key locations feature videos with American Sign Language interpretation.

Note: The link above brings to an external site.

Watch a video

This video showcases our office's accessible features. Click on the video or on Play, the white triangle icon at the bottom left of the video, to explore our offices!

Accessibility features

The following features are examples of what was included in the design and construction of our new office space.

  • Clearances:
    • 1200 millimeters for secondary corridors
    • 2100 millimeters for primary corridors
    • 2100 millimeters of turning radius as a minimum in all office spaces (cubicles, focus rooms, meeting rooms, washrooms, kitchenette)
    • 850 millimeters as a minimum for doorways
  • Automatic doors with push columns for main entrance, two major meeting rooms, washrooms and emergency exit
  • Sliding door with a maximum of 22.2 newton for enclosed offices 
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting system, colour tuning, intensity diming, and individual control at each workstation
  • Automatic blinds
  • Added multiple ventilation zones and controls throughout the general space, and separate thermostats in all enclosed offices
  • Visual and audible alarm system
  • Gender neutral washrooms and adult change table
  • Accessible specifications for washroom and kitchenette (counters, grab bars, automatic faucets, etc.)
  • Wi-Fi throughout the space to allow for flexibility of network and internet access everywhere
  • Sit-stand work surfaces throughout
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) floor throughout the space to ease travel for wheelchair users
  • Identification/signage:
    • Different colors of LVT in enclosed rooms for visual identification purposes
    • Colored window films for enclosed rooms to allow visual identification and contrast
    • All signage include large font, tactile signs, pictogram and braille