Advancing Accessibility Standards Research

Thank you for your interest in Accessibility Standards Canada’s grants and contributions program! 

The purpose of the program is to support diverse research projects. These projects aim to inform the development of next-generation model accessibility standards in federal areas of responsibility. The research projects also have to find, take away and stop obstacles to accessibility.

This research will help to inform accessibility standards in the future.

The main objective of the program is to work with a lot of different people and organizations across Canada to move forward accessibility standards research. Other short-term goals include:

  • involving people with disabilities, experts with disabilities and lived experience, other experts, and organizations to inform the research plans; and
  • finding and sharing research, information, best practices, tools about accessibility obstacles and standards.

Priority areas for 2024 to 2025

  • Accessibility within northern communities, including cultural and climate considerations
  • Built environment
  • Communication, other than information and communication technologies
  • Design and delivery of programs and services
  • Effective engagement of people with disabilities in the standards development process
  • Employment
  • Equitable communication for the deaf and deaf-blind community
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Intersectionality and intersectional barriers
  • Procurement of goods, services, and facilities
  • Transportation

Funded projects

Find projects funded in previous calls online on open government.

Learn how to acknowledge financial support from Accessibility Standards Canada.

Centre of Expertise

Our Centre of Expertise centralizes and facilitate access to:

  • research that has received funding through our grants and contributions program, and
  • standards, including those being co-developed and under development.

All standards and research found in our Centre of Expertise support and are organized according to the Accessible Canada Act’s seven priority areas.

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