Transparency: Accessibility Standards Canada

Important notice: Possible publishing delays

Accessibility Standards Canada is taking measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We want to protect the health and safety of our employees. Therefore, the proactive publication of information may be delayed during this period. Making government information available to Canadians remains a priority. We will continue to make every effort to meet the timelines for the proactive disclosure of government information.

In support of open government, find here proactive disclosure of Accessibility Standards Canada information. It is public so that you can better hold the government and public sector officials accountable.

Departmental plan

Performance goals for the coming fiscal year

Travel and hospitality expenses

Money spent on travel, hospitality and conferences

Government contracts awarded

Disclosure of contracts over $10,000

Grants and contributions

Transfers of money, goods, services or assets to individuals, organizations or other levels of government

Disclosure of serious wrongdoing in the workplace

Disclosure of wrongdoing found to have been committed (nothing to disclose at this stage)

Reclassification of public service positions

Government positions that have been reclassified (nothing to disclose at this stage)

Quarterly financial reports

Quarterly spending at a departmental level

Audits and evaluations

Annual audit and evaluation reports for programs and services (nothing to disclose at this stage)


Public consultations and reports on completed consultations

Briefing documents

Briefing notes prepared for the Minister

Briefing packages

Briefing packages for new Minister or Deputy Heads

Access to information and privacy

Information about the administration of access to information and privacy acts