Our vision, mission, and values


Everyone, including people with disabilities, can:

  • expect a Canada without barriers; and
  • be sure that opportunities and services are fully accessible.


People with disabilities lead Accessibility Standards Canada to create a Canada without barriers. We work with people with disabilities to:

  • create modern accessibility standards in priority areas;
  • revise current accessibility standards;
  • lead research; and
  • support society to reach the highest level of accessibility.


These six value statements guide our work. We value:

  1. The knowledge and experience of people with disabilities. We expect those we collaborate with to show this same value.
  2. The diversity of society. Our work respects human rights and focuses on including everyone.
  3. A Canada without barriers where people with disabilities can expect the same high level of access across the country.
  4. Universal access where services, products and places are designed to be accessible to everyone.
  5. Two-way communication in all areas of our work. It must be:
    • open;
    • accessible;
    • timely; and
    • clear.
  6. Lived experience of disability and research as equally important when making decisions.

These values are based on the principles outlined in the Accessible Canada Act.