Technical committees: Explained

This infographic describes what is a technical committee, how it works, and provides quick facts about Accessibility Standards Canada's technical committees. The full text is available below, on this page.



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Technical committee: a group of people from different organizations and backgrounds who combine their expertise and lived experience to solve a problem facing a particular area.

Accessibility standards

Accessibility Standards Canada’s technical committees will:

  • identify where persons with disabilities experience accessibility barriers, and
  • develop national standards to eliminate these barriers.

How technical committees work

  1. Establish technical committee
  2. Committee members meet to develop standard
  3. Seek public feedback
  4. Revise the standard
  5. Publish the standard
  6. Maintain the standard
  7. Determine the next priority

Did you know?

  • The standard development process can take an average of 24 to 30 months to complete.
  • Members with disabilities not paid by an organization will be compensated for their roles as experts on our committees.
  • Our grants and contributions program funds accessibility research projects, which inform and help the work of our committees.
  • Standards developed by our committees will impact the lives of the more than 6 million Canadians with disabilities.

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