Technical committees: Why should you join?

Infographic that outlines why Canadians should join Accessibility Standards Canada’s technical committees. The long text version of the graphic can be found below, on this page.



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Long text version

Technical committees are your opportunity to have a direct impact on the lives of Canadians living with disabilities.

Reasons to join

Work with other experts

Have your voice heard

Shape the standards

Have a meaningful impact

Be a leader for inclusion

What you will do

  • Research existing standards
  • Collaborate with other members to write standards
  • Share your lived experience
  • Join a task group that works for your interest in the subject
  • Meet to share your findings
  • Discuss your area of expertise
  • Build a more inclusive and accessible Canada

Who can apply

We look for representatives from each of the following categories:

  • Persons with disabilities
  • Business and industry
  • Governmental authorities
  • Consumers and public Interest
  • Labour and unions
  • Academic and research bodies
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Standards development bodies
  • Each official language and region in Canada

Our aim: balanced and inclusive teams that value the lived experience of people with disabilities.


Technical committee members are volunteers. However, individuals with disabilities not paid by organizations will be compensated for their role as experts on our technical committees.

Could it be you?

Do you face accessibility barriers every day? Are you close to someone with a disability? Are you an accessibility expert? We need your expertise!

Find out about the next opportunity to participate by visiting our website, registering to our newsletter, or following us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).