Accessibility Standards Canada signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Saskatchewan to coordinate accessibility standards development

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Gatineau, Quebec
Accessibility Standards Canada


Accessibility Standards Canada and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services signed today a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on developing accessibility standards. The MOU will aid the development, revision, maintenance, and implementation of accessibility standards for the province and across Canada. This contributes to a seamless and inclusive experience across Canada and in Saskatchewan for persons with disabilities.  

This MOU will also support collaboration, information sharing, identifying shared priority areas, and collaborating on joint research needs. 

Harmonizing standards carries benefits for all Canadians:

  • It makes sure that standards fully reflect the needs of people with disabilities across the country. 
  • It promotes the consistency of the accessibility experience for people with disabilities as they live, work and travel in Canada.
  • It reduces the potential for differing accessibility standards across Canada so organizations can more easily operate in multiple provinces.

This MOU will help both organizations coordinate efforts with the aim of an inclusive Saskatchewan and a Canada without accessibility barriers. It is an important step forward in our continuing relationship, as we establish broader and more effective collaboration. Accessibility Standards Canada looks to use the MOU as an opportunity to work together in areas of common interest and benefit, for example in areas of accessibility research.


“We are excited about the start of this collaborative relationship with the Government of Saskatchewan towards improved accessibility standards. Our partnership will allow us to have a greater positive impact on the lives of all Canadians. Harmonizing standards across Canada allows for a consistency and a high level of accessibility in every province. We thank Saskatchewan for their commitment to accessibility, and for working with us to improve standards at both the provincial and federal levels.”

– Philip Rizcallah, Chief Executive Officer, Accessibility Standards Canada

“As we continue to embark on developing Saskatchewan’s new accessibility legislation, we welcome the opportunity to work with Accessibility Standards Canada to both learn and share our experiences. This partnership will help ensure we create strong legislation that prevents and removes barriers for people with disabilities so they can fully participate in our communities.”

– Louise Michaud, Assistant Deputy Minister of Disability Programs and Housing, Ministry of Social Services, Saskatchewan

Quick facts

  • The MOU focuses on establishing how Accessibility Standards Canada and Saskatchewan can collaborate to develop accessibility standards in the province and across the country. 
  • The Government of Saskatchewan will take the lead in developing standards, for Saskatchewan, with the support of Accessibility Standards Canada.
  • Harmonizing standards seeks to optimize everyone’s individual and collective objectives. Sharing knowledge and best practices reduces and eliminates the duplication of resources and efforts. 
  • This collaboration will help Accessibility Standards Canada to fulfill our mandate, as it will improve our ability to develop and revise accessibility standards. By working with each province, including Saskatchewan, we can better prevent, identify, and remove barriers to accessibility at both a provincial and a federal level. 
  • Saskatchewan is currently developing its province’s first Accessibility Legislation after public engagement in early 2021 on the creation of an Accessibility Act was completed.

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