Accessibility Standards Canada: 2020 to 2021 Departmental Results Report – Details on transfer payment programs

Accessibility Standards Canada Grants and Contributions Program: Advancing Accessibility Standards Research (the Program)

Start date

2019 to 2020

End date


Type of transfer payment

Grants and Contributions

Type of appropriation

Each year through Main Estimates

Fiscal year for terms and conditions

2018 to 2019

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Core Responsibility: Accessibility Standards.

Departmental result: Pioneering research informs the next generation of accessibility standards.

Indicator: Percentage of funding invested by Accessibility Standards Canada in research and development (R&D) projects that influences accessibility standards or priority-setting for standards development.

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Standards Development

Purpose and objectives of transfer payment program

The Program provides funding for research projects. The goals of the Program are to:

  • support research projects to find, take away and stop barriers to accessibility; and
  • help inform accessibility standards in the future.

The Program allows the organization to work with different stakeholders across Canada. The goal of this work is to advance accessibility standards research.

Each year, the organization identifies the priority areas for this research.

This program uses funding from these transfer payments:

  • Grants under the Advancing Accessibility Standards Research Program; and
  • Contributions under the Advancing Accessibility Standards Research Program

Results achieved

In 2020 to 2021, following an open call for research projects proposals, the Program funded 18 research projects that are currently being delivered by funded organizations. Research reports resulting from the funded research projects will be made publically available when research projects are completed in the future.

The Program also launched a web-based platform, providing applicants with an accessible, easier way to submit their applications for funding online. This platform will continue to be improved as the Program matures.

Findings of audits completed in 2020 to 2021

Not applicable, new program.

Findings of evaluations completed in 2020 to 2021

Not applicable, new program.

Engagement of applicants and recipients in 2020 to 2021

The program’s ongoing activities include:

  • adding Program information and call for proposals on the website; and
  • helping applicants by phone and email

As part of the launch for calls for proposals, the Program sends:

  • an invitation email to those who may be interested in applying to submit a funding application to the Program; and
  • notifications via social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

The organization works with Program stakeholders throughout the year by:

  • attending related conferences; and
  • organizing meetings.

The organization also plans to consult stakeholders to help with setting Program priorities.

Financial Information (Dollars)

Type of transfer payment 2018 to 2019 Actual spending 2019 to 2020 Actual spending 2020 to 2021 Planned spending 2020 to 2021 Total authorities available for use 2020 to 2021 Actual spending (authorities used) Variance (2020 to 2021 actual minus 2020 to 2021 planned)
Total grants Not Applicable 1,488,358 2,750,000 2,750,000 2,749,723 (277)
Total contributions Not Applicable 0 2,750,000 2,750,000 2,487,879 (262,121)
Total other types of transfer payments Not Applicable 0 0 0 0 0
Total Program Not Applicable 1,488,358 5,500,00 5,500,00 5,237,602 (262,398)

Explanation of variances:Accessibility Standards Canada committed 95% of its budget. The amount lapsed (262,398) was due to the delays in finalizing funding agreements. The delays were related to the COVID-19 pandemic.