Supplementary Information Tables 2022 to 2023 Departmental Results Report: Reporting on green procurement

1. Reporting on green procurement

This supplementary information table supports reporting on green procurement activities in accordance with the Policy on Green Procurement.


Although Accessibility Standards Canada was not bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act in 2022 to 2023, it adheres to the principles of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) by complying with the Policy on Green Procurement.

The Policy on Green Procurement supports the Government of Canada’s effort to promote environmental stewardship. In keeping with the objectives of the policy, Accessibility Standards Canada supports sustainable development by integrating environmental performance considerations into the procurement decision-making process through the actions described in the 2019 to 2022 FSDS “Greening Government” goal.  It does this in three ways: 

  • by making sure its decisions to purchase goods and services help to reduce the impact on the environment
  • by encouraging staff to adhere to the public sector directive on remote work 
  • through the actions described in the 2019 to 2022 “Greening Government” goal


Greening government: The Government of Canada will transition to low carbon, climate-resilient, and green operations.

FSDS target FSDS contributing action(s) Corresponding departmental action(s) Starting point(s), performance indicator(s), target(s) Results achieved Contribution by each departmental result to the FSDS goal and target
Actions supporting the Greening Government goal and the Policy on Green Procurement. Departments use environmental criteria to reduce impacts on the environment and to ensure best value in government procurement decisions.

The organization invested in sustainable workplace practices (for example low printer ratios, paper usage and green meetings).
We will choose and operate IT and office equipment that use less energy and material when appropriate.

We will use PSPC (Public Services and Procurement Canada) tools with green measures when purchasing goods (for example, furniture).

When green procurement tools are available, 80% of contracts for a commodity we purchased will use these tools.

We will use as little paper as possible. We will use recycled paper and material when available.

Green procurement tools were used 100% of the time when available. Also, 100% of the paper purchased was produced from recycled materials.

The actions taken and policies adopted by the organization contribute to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG )12: Sustainable Consumption and Production. 

We encouraged suppliers to reduce the impact of their goods, services and supply chains on the environment.

We encouraged employees to reduce the impact of their daily activities on the environment.

Actions supporting the Greening Government goal and the Policy on Green Procurement. Departments will better support green procurement. They will do this by giving employees advice, tools and training on how to do this.

We will ensure that procurement specialists and support staff undertake the Green Procurement training course offered by the Canada School of Public Service within a year of starting their job.

We will provide guidance to managers on how to support green procurement.

Procurement specialist must take green procurement training within the first year of starting the job. Procurement specialist completed the green procurement training within a year of starting their job. Training staff in green procurement contributes to SDG 12, which advocates for sustainable production and consumption.