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Thank you for your feedback on our priorities for the coming year. Your input will help us determine:

  1. how we can engage with you
  2. the research priorities for our next call for proposals
  3. the areas of focus for our next set of accessibility standards

Stay tuned for more engagement opportunities in the coming months!

Who was the focus of this consultation

All Canadians could participate. We sought to draw on the experience and expertise of:

  • persons with disabilities
  • organizations working with and for persons with disabilities
  • Indigenous persons, organizations and governments
  • provincial and territorial governments
  • municipal governments
  • technical experts
  • industry

What we heard

Read our consultation report to find out what Canadians had to say.

Related information

About Accessibility Standards Canada

We are a new federal organization created by the Accessible Canada Act.

Our mandate is to build accessibility standards. These standards will apply to areas under federal responsibility. This includes Government of Canada departments and agencies. It also includes sectors such as:

  • banks
  • broadcasting
  • federal transportation network

In addition, our organization supports research about accessibility that:

  • identifies barriers
  • removes barriers
  • prevents barriers to accessibility

We do this through the Advancing Accessibility Standards Research grants and contributions program. The research will inform accessibility standards in the future.

Visit our Mandate page to learn more about:

  • our mandate
  • areas under federal responsibility

Priority areas

The Accessible Canada Act identifies 7 key areas to improve accessibility:

  • employment
  • the built environment
  • information and communication technologies
  • communication (other than information and communication technologies)
  • the purchasing of goods, services and facilities
  • the design and delivery of programs and services
  • transportation

We are creating our first standards in the following areas:

  • plain language (communication)
  • outdoor spaces (built environment)
  • emergency egress (built environment)
  • employment

So far, the Advancing Accessibility Standards Research grants and contributions program has supported research projects in the areas of:

  • employment
  • emergency measures
  • built environment (including parks and outdoor spaces)
  • information and communication technologies
  • accessibility for Indigenous persons and communities
  • communications (other than information and communication technologies)

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