Accessibility Standards Canada launches new Centre of Expertise for standards and research on accessibility

Feature article

Our new Centre of expertise is a one-stop shop to learn about the standards we are developing, and the research we are supporting.

The standards and research found in our Centre of Expertise support the Accessible Canada Act’s seven priority areas:

  1. Employment
  2. Built environment
  3. Information and communication technologies
  4. Communication (other than information and communication technologies)
  5. Procurement of goods, services, and facilities
  6. Design and delivery of programs and services
  7. Transportation

When it comes to our standards, the Centre of Expertise is where you can get the most current information possible about:

  • the specific areas of focus of standards, 
  • their current stage of development, and 
  • the members of the technical committees.

The Centre of Expertise also provides information about the research projects we support through our Grants and Contributions Program – Advancing Accessibility Standards Research. This includes:

  • the objective of the research, 
  • why it is important, and
  • the key findings of completed projects

You can also request full versions of finished research projects.

The Centre of Expertise is built to help stakeholders working within Accessibility Standards Canada’s priority areas. Accessibility is a constantly changing and evolving field. The compilation of our expertise into one place will make it easy for everyone to stay up to date on the latest developments.

The Centre of Expertise for Standards and Research on Accessibility is an excellent example of a fully accessible website on; including ASL and LSQ videos accompanying the text! The efforts that have been made by Accessibility Standards Canada to make this site accessible is something that all departments in the Government of Canada should strive to do to continue our commitment toward an accessible Canada.

-Corin Metzger, Engagement Analyst, Canadian Heritage

The Centre of Expertise is now the go-to place for learning about our accessibility standards and research projects! Check it out and check it often!