Centre of Expertise for Standards and Research on Accessibility

Welcome to Accessibility Standards Canada’s Centre of Expertise. It was created to centralize and facilitate access to Accessibility Standards Canada’s:

  • standards, including those being co-developed and under development, and
  • research that has received funding through our grants and contributions program.

All standards and research found in our Centre of Expertise support the Accessible Canada Act’s seven priority areas. The areas were identified through consultation with people with disabilities.

Priority areas

We encourage you to explore our Centre of Expertise to learn about the innovative work that we do in supporting a barrier-free Canada by 2040. This one-stop Centre of Expertise organizes standards and research by priority area. The 7 images below each represent a priority area. Some research projects may touch on more than one priority area. This is because barriers can include anything - physical, architectural, technological or attitudinal - that hinders the full and equal participation of Canadians.

Click or press on one of the images to begin exploring.

New additions to the Centre of Expertise

New additions

The Centre of Expertise has been updated to include new standards, newly completed projects, and new funded research projects. You can see these for each priority area below:


Built environment

Information and communication technologies (ICT)

Communication (other than ICT)

  • No current updates.

Procurement of goods, services, and facilities

  • No current updates.

Design and delivery of programs and services

  • No current updates.


  • No current updates.